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General marketing strategies, organic social media strategies and paid ads strategies

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Reach out for social media questions, information sharing and thoughts on how the Metaverse will shape up.

Who Am I

Hello! I’m Alicia R. Lynch and I was born and raised in Barbados. I’m a former national competitive swimmer and am a proud member of the giraffe club (I’m a six-footer). I enjoy volunteering at Dress for Success Houston, a charity that empowers deserving women to return to the world of work by providing a vast network of professional attire, development tools and community support. Breadfruit, red wine, dark chocolate, dark-roasted coffee, lamb and scented candles will always have my attention.

    What I Do

    On any given day, I’m juggling content creation, community management, paid ad implementation and management, training, reporting and listening on anything brand-related. Typical KPI’s include increasing brand awareness, sales/lead generation, increasing community engagement, growing the brand’s audience and increasing web traffic.