Who Am I

Hello! I’m Alicia R. Lynch and I was born and raised in Barbados. I’m a former national competitive swimmer and am a proud member of the giraffe club (I’m a six-footer). I enjoy volunteering at Dress for Success Houston, a charity that empowers deserving women to return to the world of work by providing a vast network of professional attire, development tools and community support. Breadfruit, red wine, dark chocolate, dark-roasted coffee, lamb and scented candles will always have my attention.

What I am Up To

A Marketing elective taken at a local college changed my Accounting trajectory from the very first class. Fast forward 20 years later, my passion currently remains in Marketing but focusing mainly on social media. I currently reside in the USA and am a Social Media Manager at a leading national homebuilder where I, and the rest of the high-performing team develop strategies for its 19 markets from the headquarters in Houston, Texas.

What I Did

In a previous role, I led an inaugural team at the main local transit agency in Houston, METRO to boost online presence by 76% in 18 months and requested as the main contact during crises and high-profile events such as the NFL SuperBowl, Hurricane Harvey and the Tax Day Floods. Through collaborations and strategies to implement and maintain aggressive KPIs, the 'Most Innovative Use of Social Media/Citizen Engagement' was awarded to the social media and IT team and I by the Best of Texas. I’ll drink (coffee) to that!